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How to get a high MMR this reset


As has been mentioned before in previous articles, having a high match-making rating, or MMR, can be very beneficial to one’s experiences while playing Dota 2. It is a tool that should not only  be known about by the average player looking to understand the game, but something that professional teams often use in scouting the talent of any particular player. 

MMR is the value that determines the skill level of any given player — something that is then used for matching making. A player’s MMR can be increased by winning. On the other hand, it can be decreased by losing. 

There are many prestigious factors when it comes to the idea of MMR. The Ranked Matchmaking system allows players to be able to earn seasonal ranking medals based on their MMR, allow some of the most skilled and highest rated players to be listed on the world Leaderboards, and the very best envelope pushers to be able to considered for records that some Dota 2 fans meticulously track. 

With all of that in mind, the annual MMR reset is the perfect opportunity for players to climb up the ranks in Dota 2. Here are some good tips to be able to go up the MMR ladder. 

All for One, One for All

One of the best ways to increase chances of winning is to play with a group. Not only is this a great idea to have more fun with climbing in MMR, but playing with some friends you trust will help you keep a strong mentality when competing. Go for a group that you know you fit well with, that has strong communication and chemistry with one another. Though you will be competing against other groups of five, a group of people you’re confident in can surely increase your chances of success.

Playing the Numbers Game

With Patch 7.31 still relatively new — with most players not used to the meta — discovering the right heroes for victory will increase your chances of winning. By doing things like observing what heroes are popular or recommended by top players on streams, or looking at matchmaking data to find the most successful choices, you will be able to have the most potent picks for the meta, and therefore a higher chance at success. Practicing those heroes specifically over others and honing them as much as possible will increase these odds further. 

Make Every Game Count

It all comes down to ten individual games — try your hardest to make sure that they count. You’re given the advantage of not having to play them all at once, so keep that in mind and use it to the fullest. Rather than marathon all the games at once — risking burnout and tilting — play only one at a time when you feel most equipped to do so. Instead of playing one out of nowhere while you’re still rusty, make sure that you take the time to play some warm up games. With all these ideas in mind, you will be well equipped to score the highest MMR you can!

Images via Valve.