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Hypest fighting games play of Evil Geniuses, new and old (Pt 1)

As years go on, trends of what’s popular develops, for better or for worse.  You’ve seen highlight articles, but have you seen highlight of highlight articles? Lots of popular YouTubers are doing reactions to reaction videos, so what could go wrong? How deep can the rabbit hole go?

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re entering the metaverse of esports – maximum entertainment consumption in the shortest window. So without further adieu, let’s take a look at some highlights from players that are both currently on the active Evil Geniuses roster, and those who have played on it prior. But let’s take a look at the active gang first.

These players have insane talent and an extraordinary ability to put on a show despite the pressure of high-stakes tournaments and big audiences, so this will be a multi-part series. We’re happy you’re with us to celebrate some of the hypest moments and relive these memories!

To start our list, let’s watch the very wholesome and inspirational Ricki Ortiz 10 year anniversary video. This not only provides ample testimonials from some of the most important veterans in the fighting games scenes, but some sick highlights of gameplay with context provided from the lady herself.

This highlight of SonicFox is a personal favorite due to the un-meta character choices, and the unique decision making they use to push advantage and punish opponents. An oldie, but goldie, if you will.

Dekillsage has accolades across many titles, but most would universally agree his strongest body of work is within Skullgirls. The man was the furthest thing from a one trick pony, wracking up cool combos and sick reads on characters like Beowulf, Cerebella, Big Band, and most notoriously, Fukua.

If you’re unfamiliar with skullgirls, you might have to turn down the play speed to understand what the heck is going on…but that’s part of the appeal, right?

And now, for the formerly signed players.

Justin Wong – perhaps one of the two most legendary names in the FGC space. When you think of the name Justin Wong, you think about his X-Factor of never being out until it’s over. Most notorious for his surreal ability to always mount a comeback, let’s take a look at him doing just that in Umvc3.

The Vietnamese powerhouse Marn only had a short stint with Evil Geniuses, but he’s been an FGC veteran for well over a decade. While Marn’s biggest contributions to esports from a macro viewpoint are in the organizational side of things, he’s had some crazy runs that far exceed expectations when people least expect it. 

Currently a manager for his current organization Rise, Marn also had a stint in the League of Legends North American LCS. Despite these responsibilities, he stays competing.  Here’s one of if not the most insane runs of his career, playing Street Fighter V at NCR 2016.

That’s all for today. Did you enjoy it? What are some of your favorite highlights?

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks where we’ll explore and celebrate more hype moments in the FGC. With the slow return of in-person tournaments, we’re happy to have you along celebrating some of the best moments of the past.

Images via Wallpapercave.com

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