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Iceiceice’s Favorite 3 Heroes

Evil Geniuses’ Offlaner Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang has been impressing Dota 2 fans for years. As one of the most mechanically talented and versatile players in the games history, his talent has been a treat to watch for years. A man that has excelled in multiple eras, teams, and games—iceiceice is nothing short of a polymath. His natural creativity and knack for the game is something rarely seen in Dota 2, or even esports. His bold approach to the game has not only led to individual success, but has helped his teams win some of the biggest tournaments in the entire game. For how diverse he is in his playstyle, it must be said that three Heroes stand out in his pool as his most iconic. Here are iceiceice’s top three Heroes. 

Rizzrack, the Timbersaw

Timbersaw and iceiceice go hand in hand with one another. Rizzrack is a very powerful initiator that has very strong tools available for teamfights. iceiceice makes use of the Hero’s strong positioning—always being exactly where he’s supposed to be. Just like iceiceice, Timbersaw is also very versatile—being able to find success in competition in multiple styles—with the former using him to attain glory in many ways. Not only is it his most played character that he has used to win numerous games throughout his career, it is one that he used to win The International 2013: Solo Tournament. A dynamic duo that will most likely achieve results for years to come. 

Leviathan, the Tidehunter

Any search of iceiceice playing Tidehunter will inevitably lead to a multitude of clips showing him absolutely destroying people’s spirits. It is one of his most frequently played Heroes and also one of his most successful. He’s fully capable of demolishing opponents in lane, or creating successful plays in situations that don’t reveal any opening for him to survive. When those do occur, you can be sure that they’ll probably hurt the feelings of the opposition with how brutal it can be. More than that, he is able to make use of several unique item builds—pushing what is possible with Tidehunter. A truly dangerous combination.

Nature’s Prophet

iceiceice’s Nature’s Prophet play is truly something worth looking deep into. It isn’t just fancy plays or flashy kills—he uses his talents to push what is possible with the Hero. Watching him play Nature’s Prophet throughout every stage of the game shows a mechanical and strategic genius that always makes the most of his kit. Looking afar, his roaming and understanding of how to create winning situations for his team is phenomenal. Examining a bit more up close, and you will see a perfect and innovative approach to laning that only the most seasoned of mechanical players can pull off. Wherever you zoom, chances are you are going to see an expert in action. A Hero perfect for a player of his caliber. 

Header Image Credits: Evil Geniuses

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