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Important skills that great CSGO players must have to win

CSGO is currently one of the biggest esports games in the world. It is loved by millions and this is seen in its esports betting scene. CSGO betting alone has generated millions of dollars in revenue solely because of the several tournaments that happen all year round.

Playing in the game’s professional scene is not as easy as you think it would be. These players have worked long and hard just to reach the highest point of their careers. They make memorable and amazing plays for the audience during their matches. 

CSGO pro players have gained mastery over the game which makes them the best on the field. They use these hand-in-hand with their wits and guts to create the ultimate formula for winning. If you want to become a pro one day, there are many CSGO skills you need to account for as you can see below.

Dedication to the game

Dedicating your time to a game can be a little intimidating at first as it only comes naturally to those who are interested. Envisioning what your life would be like in the CSGO esports scene can help if you have any doubts. You can say that you are dedicated if you are finally set on this path. 

Practice daily

The best way to become a great player is to place yourself in a competitive environment with people on the same or a level above you. Learn from them as they will learn from you. To do this, you will have to practice daily. 

Treat playing in the competitive scene as a job. You will be working full time as a normal schedule would usually be 8-10 hours of group play and 2-4 hours of individual play. These practices consist of aim maps, retakes and general Pick Up Games (PUGs). 

Play deathmatch

Playing deathmatch is necessary, it is a mode that allows you to get a better understanding of the many nuances of the game and it is used as a warmup place for most players. This will help improve map awareness, crosshair placement and spray control which will all be discussed further below. 

Watch the pros at work

Watching and analysing pro matches will deepen your knowledge of weapons usage, rotations, and player movement. Pro players devote plenty of time to demonstrating their top form at the tournaments, so you will definitely discover useful tips and tricks that will make you better in the long run.

Get competitive equipment

A powerful computer and monitor are the most vital equipment you need to play CSGO professionally. Though the game isn’t a graphics heaven, playing with competitive equipment will give you a smoother and more consistent experience. Below is a list of recommended competitive equipment:

  • Powerful desktop
  • 120hz+ monitor
  • Quality mouse
  • Large mousepad
  • Headphones
  • Microphone

Willingness to learn

If you have the drive to learn, everything about the game will become easy to process. The key things you need to learn and practice in CSGO are good communication, game sense, and gun accuracy. When you lack in one of these departments, it will affect how your games will go. 

Good communication

This essential skill is needed when coordinating strategies, giving valuable information and enhancing team coordination. Ideally, when communicating you want it to be short and concise. Make sure to only share ideas and strategies that are necessary. 

Quality information 

Giving quality information is key in placing your team in a position that will favour you all, it is gathered through audiovisual cues. Only share info that your team can utilise that will provide them with an edge over your opponents. 

Learn map callouts

Map callouts are essential as every CSGO player is accustomed to a set of words known by the community. If you ever hear ‘short’, ‘T Spawn’, ‘B Site’ and more words along those lines, these are your map callouts. 

Game sense

One of the things that set CSGO apart from other modern FPS titles is the importance of game sense. It is one of the most necessary CSGO skills you need mastery over. By focusing and learning one map at a time, you will gain mastery over the possibilities of the game. 

Map control

Having great map control is also part of game sense. Knowing when to give up and retake the site with your team is what will separate your skill level from other players. Decision-making is key to map control so always prioritise strategising with your team. Great map control will put your opponents in discomfort so use this to your advantage.

Know what guns to use

Analysing the game’s situation before buying a gun could be crucial. Taking into account your economy, your skill level with a specific gun, and what team you are on, will help you decide which gun fits the scenario the best.

Precise Aiming

As the core mechanic of the game, it must become first nature to have great and precise aim when playing CSGO. It is essential to understand and learn about every gun’s spray control and pattern. 

Understanding the CSGO spray pattern

Bullets do not exactly go where your crosshair is placed, as guns recoil to simulate real-life guns. A spray pattern is where your bullets land when you shoot out of your automatic weapon.

The CSGO spray pattern will start to go upwards, downwards, to the left and to the right. However, each gun has an individual spray pattern that is identical every time. 

How do I learn the CSGO spray pattern?

Getting into a private game can help you understand the spray pattern of a gun. Shoot your gun’s entire magazine on the wall at different distances and discover how to compensate for your gun’s recoil with your mouse.

Competitive drive 

Having a competitive drive is essential when you want to climb the rank ladder. Once you have fine-tuned your skills, strategies, and team chemistry, it is time to take on the best players. Enter CSGO’s competitive mode and attempt the climb. You will discover your competitive drive the more you play. This drive is what made the greatest CSGO players reach the peak of their careers. 

Great CSGO players you can take inspiration from

There are tons of talented and inspiring CSGO players out there that have impacted the space. These pros have spent hours honing and perfecting their skills to climb the esports ladder. To reach an esports tournament, and win it is a great feat for any CSGO player. Here are five players you can take inspiration from when competing in the game:

  1. Jacky ‘Stewie2k’ Yip (Evil Geniuses)

North America’s most decorated CSGO player, Jacky, who also goes by Jake, has achieved wondrous feats in his career as a professional player. Having a lot of wins under his belt at the Intel Grand Slam says enough. The Major winner looks to reestablish North America’s place as an internationally competitive region. As Jake starts fresh, he joins Evil Geniuses as a valuable asset in the new roster. 

  1. Timothy ‘autimatic’ Ta (Evil Geniuses)

Rated as one of the 20 best players of the year because of his performance in the ELEAGUE major in Boston, Timothy has major wins in his credentials as a CSGO pro player. After attempting a career in Valorant, Riot’s FPS game, Ta rejoined the Evil Geniuses’ new 2022 roster.

  1. Christopher ‘GeT_RiGhT’ Alesund (Mousesports)

Alesund had made a name for himself in the CSGO betting scene as an all-time CS legend. This Swede pro has etched his name in the history books with his amazing plays. Having over ten MVP medals, he also has the record for most consecutive wins in a series. 

  1. Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz (Ninjas in Pyjamas)

Known as one of the best AWPers in the scene, Reedtz is one of the greatest players of all time statistically. His CSGO skills alone have earned him several awards including four major titles and 14 MVP awards. What makes Reedtz such an amazing player is his ability to make those around him perform their best.

  1. Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev (Natus Vincere)

A prodigy in the game, Kostyliev is one of the greatest players in CSGO history. Having multiple personal awards and major titles, his sheer talent alone puts him in a league of his own. His game sense is a defining point of his playstyle as this helps him get a read of the match situation.

Why get better at CSGO?

Everyone has their own reason as to why they aspire to become better at CSGO. Some may want to join the esports scene while others just find the game fun and thrilling to play. For whatever reason you may have, this FPS game has been a beacon of learning and honing for a lot of players. 

The game has brought millions of unforgettable memories for everyone. Additionally, it is a timeless game, you will never be bored with the endless updates that Valve has been providing its CSGO fans.

Words by: Raphael Latorre