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Lessons Learned From Evil Geniuses Versus Cloud9

The VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) has been an overwhelming success for Evil Geniuses. While the results are obvious, once you sift through the noise, the signal is more than clear; the Evil Geniuses rebuild is taking off. While their hopes are likely dashed for Challengers 1, what bright spots have shined through in their latest outing against some of the top talents in North America? 

We’ve been saying it for months at this point but this time it is serious; Evil Geniuses have the firepower to hang with some of the best VALORANT talent North America has to offer. While map one and three were convincing losses for Evil Geniuses, being able to topple Cloud9, a team that represented their region at VALORANT Champions last year, on their own map pick should put them on the contenders’ ballot. With Sentinels’ loss to OpTic Gaming, Version1’s continued success and 100 Thieves struggles, the power vacuum that was speculated on is collapsing and we’re seeing new talent rise through the ranks. 

Evil Geniuses are likely going to benefit in multiple facets. First, their results are likely to stabilize as they maintain form. However, if we’re agreeable to that sentiment then can Evil Geniuses cement themselves as an attractive home from up-in-coming stars? These two aspects can jettison Evil Geniuses far past the “conversation” and “having a seat at the table” and into actual world-class performances.

That said, Evil Geniuses’ notable stars continue their rise through the fire. Kelden “Boostio” Pupello had an amazing showcase during Evil Geniuses’ triumphant win on Breeze. Boasting 326 average combat score (ACS), a +11 kill to death differential, and nearly 200 average damage done per round, Boostio is the spearhead for Evil Geniuses’ success moving forward and has been for some time.

Now, that said, Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond is not too far behind. Throughout the set as a whole YaBoiDre managed a 212 ACS, over 40 kills, 72% kill participation and 39% headshot rating. His consistency paired with his team’s peaks is going to see Evil Geniuses continue to thrive throughout 2022. 

However, it’s really Evil Geniuses’ young gun in Alexander “jawgemo” Mor that has truly stepped into his own. Past his impressive statistical performance, racking up 233 ACS, 62% kill participation and 5 first kills on Breeze while also featuring 3 unique agents through the set, it’s his role within the team that has us buzzing. If we tunnel into Breeze for a moment, jawgemo not only rivaled but far surpassed Boostio’s activity in early skirmishes against one of North America’s best. 

These aggressive positions on defense not only stifled the first half for Cloud9, resulting in a 7-5 lead for Evil Geniuses, but should showcase what kind of a swiss-army knife jawgemo is evolving into. And with the new Act hitting servers and the possibility of double-duelists possibly becoming meta again, Evil Geniuses are sitting pretty with how flexible their roster has turned out for 2022. 

With the power dynamic shifting, with a new metagame approaching, and more major events to challenge, hope has never been higher to see Evil Geniuses capitalize on their potential and show the world their teeth.

Images per Riot Games