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Mars Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn


Evil Geniuses have been involved in some of the most fierce competitions in Dota 2. They’ve done more than compete in them — they’ve won them. EG’s history in the esport is long and rich, and features some of the most impressive tournament runs in history. Whether exciting losers bracket runs or complete dominations in all aspects of an event, the teams have always been able to put on some exciting shows for fans. This series will take a look back and remember some of EG’s most exciting tournaments in Dota 2. This time, we will consider the team’s performance at Mars Dota 2 League 2016 August.

Before The Event

Winning on anyone’s home turf can be a difficult undertaking. That is an understatement when it comes to the challenge of facing off against top Chinese Dota 2 teams in China. Not many teams throughout the history of the game have been up to the task. Mars Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn was one of those events. Mars had been organizing multiple events throughout the years in China to pit the best Western teams against the best of the east. 

It was set up to be a monster competition. There was a strong $250,000 prize pool. More importantly, the competition looked absolutely stacked. On the western side there were top teams such as OG and Team Secret looking to claim victory. Hailing from China, Newbee and Vici Gaming would no doubt be trying their best to represent the country well. Though EG looked to be one of the strong teams at the event, it was going to be a difficult undertaking.


Going into the group stage, EG had their work cut ahead of them. OG, iG Vitality, and Vici Gaming were all considered to be very solid to strong teams. EG did their best to pull a strong win.

They won their opening match, and won the winners’ match as well. Encouraging, right? Not necessarily. In both of EG’s matches, they definitely proved to be vulnerable while playing. In both of their group stage matches, they were close 2-1 sets.

On the other side of the event, Newbee (their main competition in China) were the other favorites for the tournament, and overall showed more decisiveness in their victories as compared with EG.

The battle would no doubt be a challenging one as they entered the group stage. Facing off against long-time opponents Team Secret, EG had another close call against them. It was not the type of start they wanted when facing Newbee in the Upper Bracket Final, a match they ended up losing 0-2. 

To make matters worse, their match in the Lower Bracket final was once again challenging, as they narrowly defeated OG to make it back to the Grand Final. As they had demonstrated time and time again, though, EG is capable of pulling off amazing things in big finals. EG didn’t just take a game off of Newbee. They didn’t just win a close series. EG convincingly took the final 3-1 against Newbe — cementing them among the few western teams that have won an elite Chinese event.

Images via Mars Media.

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