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Neon: Who Is VALORANT’s Newest Agent?

With the new year comes new acts for VALORANT, which is used to usher in some of the best content for Riot’s hit tactical shoot; new VALORANT agents. Neon looks to be the newest cast member to the duelist pool packed with break-neck agility and an impressive kit to boot. However, how much do we really know about VALORANT’s newest agent and is the polarizing reaction that she has been given too much or too little? 

During her agent teaser trailer, we received our first peek into what Neon is going to be able to do on the battlefield and Riot have not disappointed. Leading up to this video, all the precursor images and references have all referenced a high mobility duelist archetype and Neon fits the mould beautifully. 

Breaking down her abilities from a video is difficult to get a full grasp of but we do get a good idea of where she will thrive minus the details. First things first Neon does have the ability to sprint and, from the looks of her agent trailer, the ability to channel that momentum into a slide action. Whether or not your accuracy gets punished for doing so remains to be seen and will likely determine how strong she is on release. From the clips, we’ve seen Neon land a few kills rather quickly from exiting both her spring and her dash, so perhaps the accuracy penalty diminishes quickly or resets upon exiting the ability. This seems to be her signature ability that the entire kit is based around.

Her second ability seems to be an improved version of Phoenix’s Wall Of Fire. Neon looks to create two walls of this blue flame to create a safe lane to entry frag with. However, this not only gives her a space to begin sprinting with, but it also allows her team to utilize the cover it gives making it a strong engagement tool.

On top of that her third ability seems to be some form of stun grenade with the ability to bounce. This only furthers the idea that she is born and bred for initiating fights for her team. Being able to create space, stun grenades through the walls of fire and sprint and slide while doing it seems to make her the engagement agent of the future. 

What’s caught our attention is Neon’s ultimate which looks to be one of VALORANT first tracking based weapons. From the looks of the video, it seems as though Neon is able to channel electricity through her right arm and seems reminiscent of Quake’s Lightning Gun. This seems to carry inherent value nearing a similar degree to Jett’s Bladestorm. The ability to produce a weapon during periods of low economy is strong, but that’s where the comparisons end sadly. 

Neon looks incredibly fun but also requires a high level of skill to be able to pilot efficiently. She looks to be a solid secondary Operator but will likely fill into the initiator role extremely well. As for professional play, Neon is someone who could challenge Reyna in compositions that feature two duelists allowing Jett more flexibility to roam, lurk, and even take up the Operator on either side of the coin.

Images via Riot Games

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