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Nightfall Cometh


With the year coming to a close, the Dota 2 offseason has not slowed down. Like every year, the conclusion of The International brings a major reshuffle of teams to put them in the best position to win in the following year. Evil Geniuses are no exception to this.

After a year of competition that saw them be invited to The International, as well as several finals appearances at some of the biggest competitions in the world, EG has still made aggressive moves to be in a strong position for 2022.

It’s the type of bold moves that has led to EG’s success in the past. With that in mind, it’s worth looking into the new players that EG signs. This time we will look at Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko.


Though the Russian professional has not been competing in Dota 2 for very long, the young man has already made a significant impact in his two years competing at a top level. Nightfall is one of Dota 2’s brightest young prodigies — first competing with a major team in late 2019 as a trial with Virtus.pro. He shuffled around the lineups with Virtus.pro — swapping onto both the Virtus.pro lineup as well as on VP.Prodigy. 

From the beginning it was very clear just how talented Nightfall was. Less than a year from when he first began competing, he became one of the first players in the world to achieve a 10,000 MMR. That right there would be considered something worthy of praise for any player. But Nightfall was just getting started. A little more than two months after, Nightfall outdid his original achievement, this time reaching an 11,000 MMR. He continues to climb the ladder to this day. 

Nightfall’s accomplishments are not exclusive to online play, however. He has already made a significant impact at international tournaments. While competing in the groupstage of The International 10, Nightfall broke the record for the highest number of kills in a single professional game with 27. To do so just two years into one’s career while playing against the defending champions — it’s clear that Nightfall is special.

And it’s not just his individual impact either — it is clear Nightfall has shown tremendous capability in helping his team win. In addition to the multitude of Tier 2 events that Virtus.pro has won, he has also shown strength at the biggest events in the world. Virtus.pro not only made the finals of ESL One Summer 2021, but won EPIC League Season 2 Division 1. 


The move to sign Nightfall once again shows the excellence in how EG constructs their rosters. While choosing to sign proven winners like JerAx is certainly important, signing a rising star like Nightfall is the young spark of energy the team needs to win big events going into 2022. It will no doubt be exciting to see how the team does.

Images via Evil Geniuses.

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