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Nigma Galaxy crowned champions in ESL Impact season one

European team Nigma Galaxy won the first season of the ESL Impact all-women CS:GO circuit with a reverse sweep over Brazilian team FURIA in Dallas, Texas, yesterday.

During the first season of ESL Impact, eight teams from Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania qualified for the finals in Dallas. Nigma Galaxy, the event’s winner, earned $50,000 from the $123,000 in prize money awarded by ESL.

Ana ‘ANa’ Dumbravă, Alexandra ‘twenty3’ Timonina, and Ksenia ‘vilga’ Klyuenkova were the biggest reasons why the team won the championship with 0-1 deficits against BIG EQUIPA and FURIA in the best-of-three playoff series.

Nigma Galaxy’s AWPer ANa was the tournament’s most remarkable player with a 1.36 rating throughout the course of eight games. 

The future of the ESL Impact women’s tournament

More women’s esports teams will be rising due to the fact that inclusion has become a primary driver to keeping competition interesting and competitive alongside Nigma Galaxy winning the ESL Impact. 

The first season of ESL Impact is proof that CS:GO goes beyond gender and can provide excitement to all kinds of people across a multitude of platforms. What seems to be the future of the ESL Impact is now the present as the first women’s team dominated in their respective league. 

For future seasons, you can expect the same level of dominance and quality of gaming for fans to get excited about when they decide to wager on the best teams in the ESL Impact. 

Is Nigma Galaxy prime to win the next tournament?

As the first champion in their respective ESL Impact league, Nigma Galaxy is expected to remain the favourites to win the following seasons, especially with how the roster is currently constructed.

Eight teams will compete in Valencia, Spain, for the upcoming ESL Impact tournament. There were four teams who gained direct invitations to the playoffs of ESL Impact season one: Nigma Galaxy, BIG EQUIPA, FURIA and CLG Red. Natus Vincere Javelins and GODSENT also qualified, including Mindfreak and MIBR. 

CS:GO has broadened its audience to cater to all types of people, regardless of their identity. With Nigma Galaxy winning one of the game’s most coveted tournaments, CS:GO will only rise from here as more teams get to showcase their talents on the battlefield. 

If you enjoy watching CS:GO esports games, starting with the ESL Impact is a great place for its highest competitive matchups. For more Bitcasino CS:GO news, check out the latest news here.  

Words by: Vonn Consul