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NSG Winter Championship Open 7 Recap

Recently Evil Geniuses emerged from one of Nerd Street Gamers (NSG) Winter Championship open tournaments with some much-needed circuit points. And with all of the recent VALORANT put on display with the culmination of VALORANT Champions, perhaps you missed some of the action happening that was not a part of the festivities in Berlin, Germany. If so, we’ve got Evil Geniuses fans all across the globe covered. Here is what you need to know from NSG Winter Championship Open 7.

Evil Geniuses was housed in Group G alongside Team Reckaroo, Cloud9 White, and The Mafia. Their initial opponent, Team Reckaroo, quickly went by the wayside as expected and Cloud9 White proved to be a formidable foe, but not one Evil Geniuses could not overcome. However, it would be The Mafia to deal EG their only loss during the group stage. Placed on one of their best maps in Ascent, Evil Geniuses fell just short of going undefeated. To add context to their loss on Ascent, within the last five months Evil Geniuses is 14-8 with a 64% win rate. When it came to game script, they matched their defense learning tendencies, which underlined their difficulty on their attacking half. Leading into the half, Evil Geniuses were limited to only four rounds, a deficit which they narrowed down by the end, but could not overcome. 

This would advance Evil Geniuses forward into playoffs and into far more difficult opponents, some of which were familiar foes. First on the docket was DarkZero Esports, someone whom they were well acquainted with during the NSG Winter Championship Open 4. There, Evil Geniuses would be sent home after a close quarter finals bout. However, this go around, EG would be the ones to send DarkZero home–but not without showcasing a bit of experimentation. 

VALORANT’s newest map Fracture has been both hotly debated and polarizing for the community at large for map architecture which called for an odd round of agents. For Evil Geniuses, this meant one of their premier duelists, Kelden “Boostio” Pupello, would actually be featured on Breach instead of his normal pick of Jett. Leaving the secondary threat, Daniel “roca” Gustaferri, in charge of the firepower. While this would result in their single map loss in the set, seeing the full skill set of a team is important to completely judge them, and Evil Geniuses has not listed many Fracture data points as of late. And after an overtime win during map three, EG advanced forward. 

Unfortunately for Evil Geniuses, their run would be ended short as they matched with the eventual winner of the event, XSET. However, all was not lost as EG did score a blow against one of the growing names in North American VALORANT, winning their opening map of Split, 13-10. While they eventually lost the following two maps, both were extremely close, lending more fuel to the potential fire waiting to erupt in Camp Evil Geniuses. 

As 2021 rounds to a close Evil Geniuses is going to need to acquire a touch more circuit points to secure a berth into the grand finale held on February 4th of next year. 

Images via Riot Games

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