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Numbers Don’t Lie: A Dive Into Evil Geniuses Stats Ahead Of EPL S15

Slowly but surely, the group stage of the ESL Pro League Season 15 will quickly be over, leaving only the playoffs to remain. And with Evil Geniuses staring down the barrel of teams like Astralis, Natus Vincere, and Heroic they certainly have their work cut out for them. When we look at the numbers, there are some positives that poke through for Evil Geniuses.

Longstanding Evil Geniuses veterans Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte and Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov have seen better days, but by far they are underperforming. Per HLTV.org’s 2.0 rating system, in the last 3 months, Brehze has held a 0.96 rating, a 0.95 impact rating, 0.63 kills per round, and 0.70 deaths per round. However, when we adjust the window to the last 6 months, we can see that minor positive adjustments do come in, but nothing astronomical. Boasting a 0.99 rating, a 0.98 impact rating, 0.67 kills per round, and 0.71 deaths per round. This signals he’s sitting around right at his average with plenty of upward movement available once the team begins to build synergy.

On the other hand, EG AWP star CeRq shares a similar fate. Within the last 3 months, CeRq has a 0.97 rating, a 0.76 impact rating, only 0.57 kills per round, and 0.58 deaths per round. Within the last 6 months, CeRq held a 1.04 rating, a 0.91 impact rating, 0.64 kills per round, and a surprisingly low 0.61 deaths per round. As the team’s AWPer, perhaps this could be explained by EG’s less than stellar results as of late compared to their more respectable results later last year. However, the massive upside is that recently CeRq has seen a large uptick in activity earlier on in the rounds. 6 months ago his opening kill ratio was 1.22, within these last 3 he sits at 1.67. If that isn’t a boon Evil Geniuses can use to chalk some wins on the board then we don’t know what is. 

Coming in on entry, Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip’s statistics are understandable going to dip with Evil Geniuses’ recent record. With significant dips in overall rating (1.03 to 0.97), impact rating (1.06 to 0.92), and kills per round (0.67 to 0.61), this is all to be expected. 

William “RUSH” Wierzba’s last 3 months look promising. 1.06 rating, a fairly low impact rating of 0.87, 0.70 kills per round with 0.70 deaths per round. Comparing that to his last 6 months and you start to see some dramatic differences in how EG plays the field. With a 0.97 rating, an 0.80 impact rating, but only managed 0.64 kills per round with a similar amount of deaths per round sitting around 0.70. This shows a significant increase in RUSH’s individual performance, which also comes through his KAST (kills, assists, survived, or traded). In his last 6 months, RUSH held a 72.3% KAST. In his last 3, RUSH was clocked at a flat 76%. 

Now with Timothy “autimatic” Ta’s absence from Counter-Strike for the majority of 2021 makes him a special case that we will have to be a bit more flexible with. For the 2020 Counter-Strike season, autimatic averaged a 1.07 rating, an 1.05 impact rating, 0.69 kills per round with 0.64 deaths per round. Contrasting that to the admittedly small sample size of these last 3 months with Evil Geniuses and there is a lot to be excited over. Boasting a 1.19 rating, a staggering 1.32 impact rating, 0.78 kills per round with 0.68 deaths per round, autimatic is the pillar that this new EG stable can lean on. The real test is if he can consistently put up these performances as EG approaches more difficult competition–we’re looking at you, EPL Season 15. 

All things considered, for a team that isn’t fully online yet, there are some things to hold out hope for. As long as RUSH and autimatic continue to be weapons for the team, Stewie’s efforts will only pay in dividends, which should see EG slowly regain their spot as a North American contender. 

Images via Valve and ESL.