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Oga Dota PIT Invitational reaches nearly 150,000 viewer peak

Last week’s Dota PIT Invitational saw extremely high interest, primarily captivating a large audience through their Russian stream. Eight teams competed for $275,000 with PSG.LGD taking home the lion’s share at $114,500 after their first place finish.

The peak viewership achieved was 144,953 – the average over the course of the 43 hour tournament impressively hitting roughly half of that at 76,018. Perhaps the most important factor in these stats is how Dota 2 is pulling six-digit viewership in a primarily non-English broadcast at a major preceding esports’ largest event, The International, cementing the title’s popularity outside of its one-hit wonder annual conclusion.

The full results of this tournament (1st-8th) are as follows:

    1st – PSG.LGD

    2nd – Team Spirit

    3rd – Tundra Esports

    4th – T1

    5th/6th – Fnatic / Esports

    7th/8th – Team Undying / Thunder Predator

The 10th anniversary of The International begins in just under a month, starting October 7th where the winner of this event—the Chinese powerhouse of PSG.LGD—can defend their merit against others invited to the Oga Dota PIT Invitational, as well as our very own Evil Geniuses. This time, the event will be offline and feature a staggering prize pool of $40 million USD.

The VODs for Oga Dota PIT Invitational event can be found here.

Chart courtesy of Esports Charts / ESChats.com.

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