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ORDER And Chiefs Esports Out Of VCT Last Chance Qualifiers

In a statement released this past weekend, Riot Games announced that the Oceanic representatives for the North American Last Chance Qualifiers–both ORDER and Chiefs Esports–will be unable to attend the event. 

Citing COVID-19 regulations, travel documentation issues and other ‘additional complex factors’, Riot was unable to ensure that both ORDER and Chiefs Esports would be able to both travel and compete within an acceptable time frame. However, Riot Games did announce that both organisations will be compensated to “recognize both teams’ strong seasons.”

ORDER has been a dominant force all year long, capturing first place at the VALORANT Oceania Tour 2021: Championship after convincing showings at both the Stage 1 and Stage 3 finals. This first-place finish saw little in the way of competition–outside of PEACE–who would become the core of Chiefs Esports late into September.

In a joint statement from both ORDER as well as Chiefs Esports, the two Oceanic competitors addressed their disappointment after not being able to attend. “Across both traditional sports and esports, the OCE region always punches above our weight and consistently delivers on the international stage,” the statement read. “This event was a key opportunity that was fundamental to the ecosystem as a whole.”

With two teams out of the running for one of the final slots at VALORANT Champions later this year, the North American Last Chance Qualifiers will be forced to make a format change–something domestic professionals have been hoping for. 

After it was confirmed that the North American Last Chance Qualifiers format would be a “modified double-elimination bracket”, social media was in an uproar. The format originally had the play-in and upper quarter-final rounds all being single elimination, whereas the semi-finals would introduce the losers’ bracket. As a result, some of North America’s finest took to social media. 

100 Thieves’ own Spencer “Hiko” Martin kept things pithy with his critique of the format stating that he was “[definitely] not a fan of this format”.

“No LAN should be a single elim no matter what,” wrote 100 Thieves star Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella.

Even ORDER’s head coach, Oliver “DickStacy” Tierney, weighed in on the format. “What do you mean bro?” he wrote in response to Hiko. “I reckon both Aussie teams are stoked to fly from beautiful Kangaroo land 16 hours + 21 days in quarantine for a potential single bo3 after 9 months of qualifiers.”

Responding to the announcement that ORDER would be unable to attend North America’s Last Chance Qualifiers, DickStacy had little to say. “Refraining my words until a reasonable solution can be formed,” he wrote on his personal Twitter account. 

Per Riot’s initial response, after ruling that both Oceanic teams were unable to attend, the format will move to “an 8 team tournament” with more details being shared in the coming days. 

With 8 teams, including the likes of 100 Thieves, Gen.G Esports, Version1, FaZe Clan, XSET, Luminosity Gaming, Cloud9 Blue, and Rise still ready to compete for a chance to land on the biggest stage in VALORANT, North America’s Last Chance Qualifiers are set to take place later this month from October 12th to the 17th. 

VALORANT Champions will take place in Berlin, Germany from December 2nd through the 12th. 

Images via Riot Games

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