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PGL Dota 2 Arlington Major 2022 – An NA Supercharger


The list of offline Dota 2 tournaments continues to grow. The esports tournament organizer and production company PGL has announced that it will be hosting the final major of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2021-2022. The event is set to take place on August 4th to the 14th of that month, with the action being hosted in Arlington, Texas. The tournament is set to have eighteen elite Dota 2 teams duking it out in order to take the largest amount possible of the very healthy $500,000 prize pool. The victor of the event will receive $200,000, as well as 600 points for the Dota 2 Pro Circuit.

Of course, there are many ramifications and developments that come with this event. For one thing, because it is the final event of the Pro Circuit, it will be an opportunity for a lot of teams to have one final chance at qualifying for the prestigious The International 11. In line with The International 11, this event gives us a good look at when Dota 2 esports’ most competitive tournament will be taking place — if previous scheduling habits are anything to go by, the event will most likely take play sometime in October or later.

The biggest point to consider, however, is the potential benefits this will bring to North American Dota 2. For quite some time now, the NA scene has not been in the strongest place, and doesn’t seem capable of competing as well with the top teams of China and Europe. A major once again being held in NA could prove to be a boon for the competitive viability of the region, and could mean great things for Evil Geniuses’ chances of winning. 

Homefield Advantage

Something that NA teams have not had the benefit of in quite some time is the home field advantage. With players in many esports such as the FGC, League of Legends, and Smash citing the benefit of playing amongst an enthusiastic and cheering crowd. They haven’t received that benefit in quite some time. 

PGL’s CEO Silviu Stroie discussed NA crowds’ in the announcement, stating, “We are fortunate to be back in North America with another Major after Boston. We love to run events in the USA, and we have wonderful memories from 2016; it was a great tournament and the fans were fantastic. Having a tremendous tournament with Dota 2 enthusiasts in the stands after a long time will be great!” Events like The Boston Major 2016 and The International 2016 saw several top placements by EG. We may return to those days.

More Interest in Dota 2

The other main benefit that this tournament announcement may have on the future of Dota 2 in NA is more interest from NA spectators. More interest in Dota 2 by NA would definitely help increase the game’s talent pool. With that in mind, a big tournament is exactly what the game needs to drive that interest — we’ve seen that with the announcement of a Dubai major being cited as to help their scene grow. It’s been a long time coming since a great NA event has occurred, and this will be the perfect time to generate that excitement again.

Images via PGL