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Potter—The Mastermind of Evil Geniuses VALORANT

Behind every great team is a great mastermind, a fearless leader who manages discussion and crafts tailored strategies that puts players in the best possible positions to succeed–and Evil Geniuses VALORANT squad has exactly that.

A legendary player, a beloved pundit and analyst, and now mastermind of the Evil Geniuses VALORANT roster, Christine “potter” Chi brings a solely unique resume to the front office of one of the oldest North American esports organisations still operating. 

Before heading Evil Geniuses VALORANT stable, potter held an illustrious career stretching towards the better half of 14 years. Through both Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), she captained UBINITED whose core then became the legendary female CS powerhouse, Counter Logic Gaming Red.

Together they would go on to become a wildly successful female team winning the likes of multiple World Electronic Sports Games titles, multiple DreamHack Showdown titles as well as a myriad of strong appearances at the Intel Challenge events. 

However, as early as 2018, she would begin to feature on the BLAST Pro Series as a member of their broadcast talent and would feature less and less as a player. One of her last performances was alongside Counter Logic Gaming Red as they captured the WESG 2018 title–without dropping a map.

Potter’s analysis would continue to be featured within Counter-Strike through 2020 and still continues to this day with her upcoming appearance on the North American VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Last Chance Qualifier. 

While Riot Games’ newest FPS has taken the world by storm, it also has attracted a considerable number of veteran esports athletes to test its waters. In an interview with The Loadout, she illuminated the community on her first few experiences with VALORANT and how it resurfaced things she’d perhaps left behind her. “It brought back a lot of memories and my urge to compete again,” she said. 

“I’m a competitor at heart and whenever I play, I just want to win.”

That kind of fire not only reflects what type of person she is only in-game but outside of it as well. With her experience both leading and playing within a massively successful team, potter knows both ends of the competitive spectrum. She’s intimately familiar with both the highs of success and the self-questioning failures. 

Shortly after Evil Geniuses’ initial announcement, potter spoke with Nerd Street Gamers about the value of experience within such a new title.“Veterans are especially important in new esports,” she said. “We are talking about a team environment, and we have some inexperienced youngsters on the squad, so I think it helps to have a player who brings some more perspective on what it takes to win at a high level.”

While initial at-bats led to middling results, the team wasn’t without their success. At repeat Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship events Evil Geniuses found their footing against respectable opponents.

March saw EG compete and go toe-to-toe with strong competition in North America, but would have to settle with a 3rd-4th place finish after dropping a decisive set to Renegades in the semi-finals. And during June’s monthly tournament, the team managed a strong 3rd-4th place finish after ultimately failing to topple EZ5, the eventual winners of the event.

That following summer, the team underwent an evolution, moving potter–the then starting support and sentinel player–into the head coaching positioning and moving the former head coach, Jimmy “LiN” Lin, into the assistant coaching role.

Now standing at the head of the ship, potter and her coaching staff have begun to retool the roster beginning with their acquisition of former Overwatch player and former Spacestation Gaming duelist, Kelden “Boostio” Pupello. While their fifth member is still undecided the team has been spotted playing alongside former Echo 8 support Jeffrey “Reformed” Lu.

While still within their chrysalis, potter and Evil Geniuses positioned themselves nicely to strike back into the North American VALORANT space in the following year. With VALORANT ending its freshman showcase and with how much growth Evil Geniuses’ budding roster is slated to unveil, it only feels right to have such a legend like potter at the helm of the ship.

With a winning mentality, a former world champion in the front office, and fresh blood entering the space at an alarming rate, the sky’s the limit for Evil Geniuses in the North American VALORANT ecosystem.

Images via Riot Games

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