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Rumor: No[o]ne tried out for Nigma Galaxy, but did not do well

More and more interesting rumors continue to circulate throughout the Dota 2 competitive scene. This week, there has been new information discussed that could mean big things for the future career of Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko — the veteran Solo Middle currently playing for Ukrainian organization Natus Vincere. 

During a stream broadcasted by the CIS Rejects Carry and Offlaner Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev — a former teammate of No[o]ne — the Dota 2 player discusses with Roman “Resolut1on” Fomynok the results of No[o]ne’s trial run with Nigma Galaxy. While the players attempted to hide who they were speaking of, it quickly became clear from their discussion that they were referring to No[o]ne and Nigma:   

RAMZES666: Isn’t Vovan [No[o]ne] playing scrims? He was tryharding yesterday, playing scrims at midnight.

Resolut1on: So, it turns out he did not succeed with a “warm country”? Didn’t fit, right?

RAMZES666: He did not.

Resolut1on: Do you know who they ended up with?

RAMZES: Actually, I don’t. It’s definitely not SumaiL, I know that. Maybe rmN-? Oops, I guess I blew it. Well maybe they’ll invite W1sh or someone like that, I don’t know. They did officially kick [iLTW] recently.

Resolut1on: And actually, they did it a month ago.

RAMZES666: Shit, I’m curious how that happened. They were sitting at the bootcamp, losing to every other team, and then they are like: “Igor, could you f*ck out of the bootcamp and go home? We will deal on our own.”

No[o]ne’s future is unknown at this time, as Natus Vincere has not announced his departure. The Ukrainian pro has had a very successful career — most notably winning events such as The Bucharest Major, ESL One Birmingham 2018, and The Kuala Lumpur Major. Nigma Galaxy has fallen at challenging times recently — forced to play several games with stand-ins, and being relegated to their region’s second division.

Images via Nigma Galaxy