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Snax takes centre stage at IEM Dallas

ENCE star Janusz ‘Snax’ Pogorzelski was one of the biggest winners in IEM Dallas as he enjoyed a big game in the grand final despite losing a chance at a $250,000 prize money. Snax has also proven his worth that he can come up with huge performances.

Snax made sure that he would redeem his worth as one of the leading stars in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. ENCE still lost the series to Cloud 9 despite Snax’s big game, and they didn’t stand a chance with a 3-0 ending in the big stage. Most of the CSGO latest news is talking about how Snax managed to pull off a stunning performance with this loss on LAN. 

Snax was not included in the initial lineup for ENCE

Snax was not supposed to play for ENCE in this tournament to begin with. He was just called up to replace star rifler Lotan ‘Spinx’ Giladi, who had to skip the tourney due to visa issues. 

The former Virtus.Pro legend showed the world that he can still carry his own weight even when he played against the best CS:GO teams. This was Snax’s first big event since playing in the ESL Pro League Europe season eight in November 2018 for MOUZ. 

Snax has been away from most S-tier events for years, and he did not play that many matches after he parted ways with the Polish team Anonymo last December 2021. He was picked up by ENCE and he did a great job to show off his big game in this tournament.

Snax enjoyed a good run in the tournament

Snax carried a good momentum in his game to begin with. The star helped ENCE defeat FURIA in the semifinals and scored a 2-0 win against the Brazilian side. He had a total of 43 kills in that game and even averaged a 1.62 rating on Nuke, which was the second map of that round.

ENCE’s loss may have been a huge blow for the team, but it was also enough to show that Snax still has what it takes to win big. He was still the best performer of the series and finished with a 49-56 record, which was a far better track than his teammates Olek ‘hades’ Miskiewicz, Paweł ‘dycha’ Dycha, and the captain Marco ‘Snappi’ Pfeiffer.

Snax is still an elite CS:GO player

Snax’s individual success in IEM Dallas was a huge win for him. His high level of play definitely makes him a good candidate for any team in the top five. The star is hungry to play in tier-one events once more, and this is the chance for him to make a lot of noise in most Bitcasino CSGO news in the long run. 

Words by: Paul Daniel Flores