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Take-Aways From EG Performance At EPL Season 15

All is not lost Evil Geniuses, there is still potential to be catalyzed. 

Being seated in Group D for ESL Pro League Season 15, a shark tank full of top competitors like NAVI, Astralis and Heroic, it was a tall order to see Evil Geniuses break out in front and advance into the playoffs. And that’s no fault of theirs, but with how soon they’ve formed and their recent news that head coach, Damien “maLeK” Marcel, is out with COVID-19, things for EG might not have started on the best foot, but there is still promise in this core of legends. 

Per BitCasino Esport’s social media team, North American prodigy Vincent ‘Brehze’ Cayonte has recently hit an impressive milestone. 4000 pistol kills is no small feat and his 61.3% headshot percentage within these last 3 months is impressive as well. Past that Brehze was a consistent performer for Evil Geniuses as they attempted to traverse through ESL Pro League Season 15. 

Leading the team in their 16-10 win over Complexity, Brehze towered over his team with over 20 kills, a +11 kill to death differential and an impressive 1.37 HLTV.org rating. Next to him was NA’s wunderkind Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip. In that same map against Complexity, Stewie2k dropped 19 kills, had an ADR of 91.7, held a 1.63 impact rating, nearly tied Brehze in overall rating with a 1.36, and had 9 first kills. With numbers like those, it’s no surprise that they were the two leaders for the team in their series against Complexity as a whole. 

Not to be outdone but the Bulgarian ace, Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov, had an impressive showing on Nuke. Front running well ahead of his team with 26 kills, a +9 kill to death differential and a 1.31 HLTV.org rating, CeRq reminds us all of what he is capable of. 

Past just harping on their close game with Complexity, Brehze performed admirably against Astralis, managing a +5 kill to death differential, 96.7 ADR, and a 1.23 HLTV.org rating in a loss to a giant of Counter-Strike. That’s nothing to wag a finger at or be disappointed in. 

And it’s moments like this that we’re also reminded of what Evil Geniuses are capable of. This is a team with the potential to compete, even through adversity, we can see how the squad–if things align–can piece together some serious upsets. 

We’re with Stewie on this; things are going well, that’s obvious. But we’ve all seen what these players have done individually in the past. We’ve also seen what they’ve done together. And with leadership like maLeK’s–things can only go up from here and they will. This team is too good not to have some massive improvements waiting in the wings. Some initial structure instability is to be assumed, especially given the circumstance at ESL Pro League Season 15.

Don’t lose hope now, the PGL Regional Major Rankings are just next week and EG is looking to avenge this loss. Nothing scarier than a team with nothing to lose. If Evil Geniuses come into the event with the hungry underdog mentality, who knows what might happen. 

Images via Valve