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Team Orca and Team Apex players permanently banned by Valve

According to a statement by the Twitter account of SEA DPC League, a significant number of players involved with the competition have been banned because of a match fixing situation. Within the March 12 tweet, it was stated by SEA DPC League that the Dota 2 team Team Orca — a Malaysian organization originally founded in 2021 — has been disqualified from the DPC SEA 2021/22 league. The players, along with those part of the roster of Team Apex, have been banned. 

In the tweet, SEA DPC League explained the situation, stating, “During the recent DPC SEA Qualifiers, evidence shows that Team Orca players used Team Apex accounts to compete on their behalf. This is an unacceptable breach of competitive integrity from both teams.” A separate investigation also uncovered evidence of match fixing by Team Orca in BTS Pro Series and other 3rd party tournaments throughout the past year. A decision has been made to permanently ban everyone in Team Orca and Apex permanently from Valve events.”

The announcement marks one of the largest punishments Valve has inflicted on a team, as well as one of the most recent examples of a major match fixing scandal in esports. Past examples similar to the recent news include Wind and Rain and Pecado Squad gaming are now banned from all future Valve and BTS events, as well as the Chinese esports organization Newbee, winner of 2014’s Dota 2 International being permanently banned from Valve events. 

The banned players are as follows:

1. vtFaded – Cheng Jia Hao

2. 闷油瓶 – Wang Liang (王亮)

3. Yif – Zhou Yifu (周一夫)

4. citrus (AhJit) – Lai Jay Son

5. Gy – Wang Kok Guan

6. Hunghung – Bùi Văn Hùng

7. BrayaNt – Pang Jian Zhe

8. QWE – Namir Mohammad

9. Datbb – Nguyễn Thành Đạt

10. JJ – 杨俊杰

Under the team name “Ragdoll”, the team competing in Southeast Asia became one of the most fearsome in the region. Later branding themselves as Team Orca in February of 2021, they won events such as the QH Sports Dota Series 3, the Oceanic Esports Dota Championships, and the BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia — all in a row. In the latter, they became known for their impressive comeback win against the rival Team Lilgun. Other teams at the event included Execration and T1. 

Team Orca has yet to announce details of the situation, and no information has been given on if the organization will be allowed to field a roster with other players for the rest of the tournament. The only two current substitutes for the team are ponyo and Ws. Notable players on the former roster included vtFαded — who competed with Chaos Esports Club at The International 2019 — as well as AhJit, who competed with teams such as Fnatic and WarriorsGaming.Unity at events such as The Boston Major 2016 and The International 2017.