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Teams Qualified to the Major from EU RMR A

The EU RMR A has come to an end. This was the first of two RMRs for the European and CIS regions, which are now treated as the same for the purposes of Major Qualification. A lot of emotion and a few surprises happened, with most qualified teams still being the expected ones.

Heroic topped the competition after an impressive tiebreaker win over Na’vi. The team bounced back from their disappointing performance in EPL S15 playoffs, taking down the CIS giants in a BO3 series, something they’d never achieved before with these two current rosters. 

The Danish team was followed by Germany’s BIG, who continues to surprise with impressive results, despite their inability to get top tournament finishes. They cleanly got through the two BO1s and dominated Faze with a 2-0 win to ensure qualification to Antwerp.

Karrigan’s squad and Na’vi closed out the qualifications for the Legend Stage after dropping a series each. Faze got the better of MOUZ and, although they looked weaker than their insane EPL S15 form, are still a strong contender to win the entire Major. A 0-2 loss against BIG doesn’t look good on their record, especially on two maps like Dust2 and Mirage, but they’ve bounced back strong every time they faltered so far. 

Na’vi have shown much of the same. They are nowhere close to their 2021 level, but they still have the best player in the world at their helm. S1mple is still showing completely unreasonable numbers, topping the HLTV rating yet again with a 1.40 rating, but the rest of the squad isn’t as threatening as it once was. Thankfully, despite a drop in performance, they are still a contender to win the entire competition, which would mean back to back Major titles for the best player in CSGO’s history.

The remaining teams all earned their qualification, but to the Challenger’s Stage. Here are where the surprises lie.

forZe surprised most people with a great run, with some clutch wins when it mattered most. An initial loss to Heroic didn’t break the Russian roster, who bounced back stronger and won their next three matches. A win over OG was followed by a close BO3 win against sAw, the surprisingly strong team hailing from Portugal. 

They performed well enough to get a chance to qualify to the Legends stage, but Na’vi proved to be too big of an opponent. Nevertheless, forZe are headed to Antwerp. 

Vitality is heading there too, after a much better performance than what we’ve seen from them before. Yes, 6th place isn’t at all great from such a stacked roster, but they had one of the hardest paths in this RMR. Dignitas were easily dispatched, but then followed Faze, Eternal Fire, Na’vi and MOUZ. Regardless of their tough opposition, VIT stood strong and made it through to Antwerp. They still have some issues to iron out, but a roster as good as this one looks cannot be underestimated. 

The qualification spots were by Eternal Fire and Outsiders. The Turkish team might be unknown to many, but a couple of their players won’t. This organization decided to make a sort of Turkish super team, building around the well-known talents of woxic and Xantares. The results speak for themselves.

Outsiders got through as expected, but their road was the trickiest one of all. After dropping a few games, they had to face the aforementioned sAw in one of the closest series ever seen. The CIS team bounced back from a 12-6 deficit on Dust2 to win 16-14, lost Ancient in poor fashion and closed out the series on Inferno with a 19-16 win off of ridiculous clutches by Jame. The game only went to OT after the IGL pulled off a 1v1 duel followed by a defuse with 0.01 on the clock. 

Those are the 8 teams who are heading to Antwerp after the first EU RMR. The second one, or EU RMR B as it’s called, is underway now and there are another 8 slots on the line: 3 for the Legends Stage, 5 for the Challengers. Let’s see who makes it through.

Images via PGL.