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The best games for esports betting in 2022

Watching esports matches is best experienced when you make bets on both live and upcoming games. You can place bets on some of the best esports events available in 2022 featuring regional and global tournaments. 

If you are new to esports betting, then you need to get acquainted with only the top video game titles. Here are some of the ones you need to keep an eye out for as a punter:

Dota 2

If the prize pool determines the importance of a competitive event, then Valve’s Dota 2 is the reigning champion out of all esports, with championship winnings at $1 million on average. It’s a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where five heroes each from two sides clash to take down the other’s ancients. Both teams start from opposite corners of the map, meet in the middle, and work towards the other end to win the game. 

Dota 2’s most prestigious tournament is The International (TI) which often boasts of having the highest prize pool in the esports industry. It’s an annual event with a prize pool easily reaching tens of millions in United States dollars (USD) funded by the community. 

If you are looking for the best teams to bet on in Dota 2 esports, then you should try Evil Geniuses. Follow their journey every year as they climb up the Pro Circuit ranks to qualify for both North American and global divisions. 

League of Legends

Another MOBA game on this list is League of Legends from Riot Games. It follows a similar premise as Dota 2 where five champions from each side start from opposite corners of the map. Both games feature an emphasis on controlling the map until one side pushes the other and destroys their bases. 

The biggest difference between the two is League of Legends’ emphasis on a mirrored team lineup, the standard of its most prestigious event called the World Championship (Worlds). It’s one of the most-streamed events in all of esports with major features on multiple media platforms. 

Team Liquid is one of the strongest presences in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), the top pro division. T1 and Edward Gaming are some of their most formidable rivals from outside of North America. You should also follow the LCS Academy League to meet new prospects in the esports scene. 


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is easily one of the most well-known shooter games in all of esports. Two teams of five players compete in a best of 30 rounds where the first to win 16 times wins. One side plays the terrorist and is tasked to plant the bomb at the target site. 

The other team plays as a counter-terrorist who must either defuse the bomb or take it from the enemy team. Rounds can also end by eliminating members of the other team. Roles will be switched at certain stages of the game to even the playing field for all players. 

Among the top teams in CS:GO esport include FaZe Clan, Evil Geniuses, and Natus Vincere (NAVI). You can find them constantly making it to the playoffs every year in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major (Major). It is the most prestigious tournament in the game and you can bet that it is heavily featured in bookmakers. 

StarCraft 2

While most of the games on this list are team-based, StarCraft 2 is a game where players face off in 1v1 arrangements. It’s a game where each player builds a base and then an army. The goal is to destroy the other player’s base in an all-out war using each side’s respective units. It’s similar to MOBA like Dota 2 and League of Legends but players control every unit and building on their side rather than one hero at a time. 

They can still be part of teams where they have a manager and coach overseeing their progress in either individual or team tournaments. The biggest series for individual competitors is the ESL Pro Tour (EPT) while it’s the World Team League (WTL) for team pro games. 

Most organisations have divisions on each of the other esports pro leagues on this list but don’t have one for StarCraft. It’s also difficult to follow individual players so it’s better to just watch the tournaments and follow whichever catches your attention. 


If you like CS:GO betting, then you should also try Valorant. It has similar game elements including one team winning by planting bombs while the other needs to stop them. Matches also end with the first team winning 13 rounds out of 25 with an alternative means of winning by eliminating the other team. 

The biggest difference that makes Valorant stand out is that it is a hero shooter game. Players can choose different agents per match with special abilities helping them complete their roles in a team. Each agent can be any player’s favourite or they can be chosen to supplement what the team needs. No match is the same thanks to the variety of choices available.

The top teams you should follow in Valorant are split between Team Liquid, Sentinels, and Acend (ACE). You can follow their journey through the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), the game’s official pro circuit. 

Esports – baseball, basketball, and soccer

All of the aforementioned games are action-packed fictional simulations but these esports games are different. You can also bet on esports matches featuring simulations of known sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer. The tournaments are similar to StarCraft where players belong in teams and each of them participates in multiple 1v1 matches throughout the circuit. 

Electronic Arts’ FIFA and Konami’s eFootball are the most usual titles used for esports soccer games. For baseball, the game is MLB: The Show from Sony Interactive Entertainment. 2K Games’ NBA 2K is the title used for esports basketball. 

Each esports game features the same market and rules as the sport that it is based on. This opens possibilities for a fun online betting experience for sports fans. You can place bets on familiar markets but the length of an esport version of sports matches are shorter than the original. The difference is that you are betting on the player rather than the team. 

Bet on esports matches in 2022 with insight

Understanding the game is the first necessary step to making precise predictions on matches’ outcomes. Although all of the esports above seem straightforward, game publishers and developers lead the handling of major events but they are known to make frequent changes to the meta which has an effect on the tournaments every season. 

Changes are often caused by updates to the games’ mechanics or the number of regions participating in its series. This shows esports’ capacity for growth over time, allowing it to remain fresh and engaging for players, organisers, viewers, and bettors alike. Stay updated with the latest news about the matches you are interested in to update your Bitcasino esports betting plans ahead. 

Words by: Clarence Clarke