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The Best Offlaners for Patch 7.31


Another day, another Dota 2 patch. With Patch 7.31, fans once again have another opportunity to make the most of the chaos that comes with a patch change, and win as many games as possible if they take advantage of strong information. One of the best ways to do so is to look at some of the best players in the world, and see what they have to say about choosing the right heroes to dominate.

Such is the case with Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov. The offlane extraordinaire and winner of The International 10 has already shared his opinions on the current offlane meta, and has put forward several characters he would consider to be the strongest in the game right now. At the very top — his favored three — are Primal Beast, Sand King, and Pangolier. Those represent what he believes are the highest tier offlaners in the game right now. Here is a look at each of those three characters. 

Sand King

Sand King can be considered easily one of the most effective offlaners in the game, due to his very strong early game, great team fighting ability, and capability to shut down enemy carries. Though he isn’t as strong in the late game and is a bit reliant on purchase timings and artifacts, he has high area damage, the ability to quickly farm a lot of stacks in the jungle, and has an instant stun. 

Sand King has all the qualities of a good initiator, and can entirely turn the tide of enemy fights. By purchasing a Blink Dagger as soon as possible, Sand King soon becomes a threat that can easily kill enemy heroes in the early stages of the game, and snowball the match out of control of the enemy team. A lethal hero indeed. 


Pangolier is a melee agility hero, and because of his increased damage in Patch 7.31, is perfect for the offlaners that have aggressive tendencies. Swashbuckle is just as dangerous as ever, and can allow the enemy to lead out many dangerous scenarios for the enemy team. His agile brawling abilities make him a danger to all enemies across the map, and can quickly become a problem for anyone on the enemy team. Make sure that when trying out Pangolier to put yourself in a position that you can quickly get an item advantage over the enemy to completely turn the game in your favor.  

Primal Beast

Primal Beast is arguably the strongest offlane right now, and with good reason. Onslaught is a fantastic tool for initiating engagements — including excellent range as well as a stun. Pulverize works great for locking down singular opponents, and has a relatively low cooldown. With his overall great stats, Primal Beast can go on a kill streak and initiate a comeback from behind all on his own. All of these tools together make Primal Beast the best offlane hero you can play right now. 

Images via Valve