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The Four Enemies to EG


Coming into next year, there will no doubt be many challenges for Evil Geniuses as they continue on their course of trying to win major championships. EG has put together a very strong team with many notable new talents, but that does not mean that their coronation will come free. Not only will each player on the team have to figure out how to work well with one another, they will have to remember that other teams surrounding them are trying just as hard to do the same.

They’ll have to study these rival teams, and come up with strategies to counteract the strong threats each of them pose. Today, we’re going to identify four of the most notable teams that EG will have to watch out for throughout 2022. Though it will be a challenge, they have the resources, talent, and potential to be the best.

Team Spirit

Of course, we must include the champions of the most recent iteration of The International. Despite the relative youth of the raster, and the fact that they’ve only been together for less than a year, Team Spirit is a scary team to say the least. Each of their five members are very talented, and the way they work together as a team is nearly flawless. 

Everything from how they initiative fights to how they move around the map shows a team that truly understands Dota 2. EG would be wise not only to study Team Spirit to study their makes when they are to face them, but in order to find inspiration from their play. 

Tundra Esports

One of the youngest professional rosters in the game, the United Kingdom-based organization has already come into their own as one of the strongest and most promising teams in Europe. They have talented players across the board, as well as legendary veteran Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling coaching them. They have been noted for having a very strong draft phase in the competitions they have entered, so EG will need to make sure they’re prepared for that if and when they face them in a tournament. 


The legendary Korean esports organization has been having the most success of their team’s history in Dota 2. After a solid placing at The International 2021, the organization re-signed their entire team — one that has been dominating Southeast Asia as of recent. This has made for a team that is very experienced and should be able to take on most teams comfortably just based on the fact of how cohesive the roster is, EG will have to be more creative and come up with unique strategies to top them. 

Team Undying

NA is interesting on its own — EG finally has some competition right at their doorstep. So far, Team Undying has shown to be a very strong team this year. It may serve EG as a team well if they are to study their past victories against this team, see how Team Undying has changed, and adapt to it.

Image courtesy Evil Geniuses.

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