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The Manila Masters


Evil Geniuses have been involved in some of the most fierce competitions in Dota 2. They’ve done more than compete in them — they’ve won them. EG’s history in the esport is long and rich, and features some of the most impressive tournament runs in history. Whether exciting losers bracket runs or complete dominations in all aspects of an event, the teams have always been able to put on some exciting shows for fans. This series will take a look back and remember some of EG’s most exciting tournaments in Dota 2. This time, we will consider the team at The Manila Masters. 

Before The Event

The Philippines love Dota. They live and breathe it. After having previous events such as the ESL One Manila 2016 and The Manila Major, The Manila Masters was announced as the next premier event to take place in the region. With an iconic location, some of the best teams in the world, and a $250,000 prize pool up for grabs, it was one of the biggest and most competitive tournaments of the year. EG were ready to compete.   

Though EG were one of the best teams in the world at this time, it wasn’t as if it was going to be an easy pickup. Some of the best teams from around the world were invited to compete — the Chinese teams would be formidable as ever, and Team Faceless and OG would both be gunning for the NA representatives. There were other problems as well. EG was one of the best teams in the world, but they were coming into the event having recently been on a break and playing on a new patch they weren’t as familiar with. 


As the event kicked off, EG were slated to first face off against the Singaporean Team Faceless. Though playing a team filled with talented players, EG proved to once again show their versatility and adaptability in difficult situations — taking the first series 2-0. Afterward, EG went up against the Chinese giant Invictus Gaming. This was a much closer affair than the first set, but again one that EG was able to adapt to and win. They would play another Chinese team right after: Newbee. This team EG could not find an answer for. Newbee danced around them, and sent them down to the lower bracket. 

EG’s chances did not look the strongest to be able to take a definitive win. Though they managed to make it to the finals, the prospect of winning the event looked dubious. They struggled in their series in Team NP, and didn’t seem to be coming in hot when they faced off against Newbee.

That’s what makes EG special, though. Despite not showing much adaptability in their first set, the team went on to defeat their former Achilles heel 3-1. Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan in particular was a standout, and looked like the best mid player in the tournament. It was a stunning comeback and one of the best victories in a tournament by the EG organization. 

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