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Tribute to EG’s tower – Fly

With The International 10 concluding on October 18th, 2021 with Team Spirit winning the Aegis, the Dota 2 offseason is officially underway. One of the biggest moves announced thus far is the signing of Tal “Fly” Aizik by Southeast Asian esports organization TALON. With this move, it marks the end of Fly’s almost four-year career with Evil Geniuses. Over those years, Fly was one of the best Dota 2 captains in the world, and helped his team reach numerous fantastic results. 

Fly entered EG as one of the most successful leaders the game had seen. With a run of five Tier 1 events won from 2015 to 2017, the Support player was undoubtedly a winner. By the middle of 2018, Fly competed with Evil Geniuses for the first time, at the China Dota 2 Supermajor. As he found his footing, he began to apply his unique perspective on leadership to the EG roster. 

For one thing, Fly always made sure his captainship was healthy — leading for the right reasons. “It (leading) is not always a good thing, right? Like if you wanna be the leader for the sake of being kind of on top of things and like telling people what to do, I think it’s wrong, right? I think I do it because I feel like a responsibility towards obviously the success of myself and the team and I wanna make sure that every possible condition is met for us to be successful.”

Additionally, he proved to be an effective leader not only shotcalling ingame, but by applying the same principles to the team out of game as well. “That’s something I definitely think is not just in the game but it’s also outside. That’s just my view on life, right? That’s why I personally like to eat healthy and to train is because I just don’t do it for fun even though I love it, I also do it because I think it helps me compete, and that’s kind of the team mentality I have of the team. If we wanna be set up for success then these other conditions have to be met. People have to make sure they take care of themselves and sleep and food and things like that and I can’t force people to do it but I am gonna try to encourage it.”

In his time with EG, Fly boasted several strong results — boasting some of the strongest results of any team in the world. In addition to some victories at tournaments like the DOTA Summit 9, WeSave! Charity Play – North America, and BTS Pro Series: Americas, EG made finals of some of the biggest and most competitive tournaments in the world. Though his time with EG is now over, his success with the team was no doubt an exciting period for the team.

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