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Valiant EG to start in the Play-In Stage at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022

Evil Geniuses’ debut with their new CS:GO roster ended in a disappointing yet valiant showing.

After a tough year in 2021, EG made the difficult choice to revamp the roster owing to lacklustre results and decided to bring in much firepower with the addition of familiar stars in Stewie2k, autimatic and RUSH.

Nonetheless, EG’s start to their BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022 started off on a disappointing note but that doesn’t negate their valiant efforts to give a tough fight after a disappointing game one.

Their first game was against the mighty Team Vitality. The French org has been a dominant force in the past few years with numerous achievements to back them up.

Recently making few changes to their roster, Vitality didn’t seem to have lost touch and that was clearly evident in their best-of-one against EG. Vitality won convincingly with a score of 16:3 on Inferno thus sending EG to the lower bracket to face Team Liquid.

To EG’s credit they came back swinging in the lower bracket game against Team Liquid, and played way better than the previous one. Despite losing the classic North American derby with a score of 17:19, EG showed exemplary grit and determination in the second game.

Moving forward, EG will now face BIG in the quarterfinals of the Play-In Stage. Provided they win, EG will face Astralis in the semifinals.

The road is long and tiring, but it’s only just the beginning. EG will curate a path befit for a king. As they say, “Fortune favours the brave”, and EG are nothing but brave warriors.

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