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VALORANT nerfs Jett, Skye & buffs For KAY/O

As of Tuesday the 21st, VALORANT has seen a fairly controversial patch sweep in an attempt to tackle some of its most popular agents. Where does Jett land with her nerfs and does KAY/O rise with his recent tweaks? Let’s dive into patch 3.06.


VALORANT’s premier duelist is once again seeing some tweaks. Jett’s Cloudburst charges have moved from 3 charges to 2. In the patch notes, Riot cited that they felt like Jett had too many smokes and wanted players to be more mindful with them. On top of that, Bladestorm will no longer reset with her alternate (right-click) fire. However, Bladestorm’s alternate fire has seen its previous damage changes reverted. 


  • While your Bladestorms will plummet in value, this should shift where you evaluate Jett. On the ladder, she is the go-to Operator specialist while also flexing as an entry threat if you’re feeling froggy. The Cloudburst changes make her a bit easier to pin down on defence while also not limiting her entry potential all that much. Good start, but her agility still remains. 


Riot has targeted Skye’s Guiding Light as where they are headed for tuning the hero. They’ve increased the unequip time after casting or bending Guiding Light from 0.5 seconds to 0.75 seconds. “We’ve liked that Skye has been able to play off her own flash more and more,” the developer explained. “But lately, there’s a sense that it’s become too effective and optimal to play off of herself in some situations.”

However, the tweaks don’t end there when it comes to one of the most popular and flexible support picks in the metagame. Riot will also be targeting the activation time before her Guiding Light goes off, increasing it from 0.25 seconds to a flat 0.3 seconds. “The increased activation time aims to give prepared enemies a slightly larger window to react, without trivializing her main Initiator tool.”


  • Let’s be honest; being able to swing off your own flash gave Skye an impressive offensive option which added to her already loaded kit. With scouting, potential healing, and a signature flash, Skye isn’t going anywhere with this nerf–think of this as a “tuning pass”.


It’s all about the flashes for VALORANT’s newest agent, KAY/O. FLASH/drive’s normal windup has been reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds. They have also significantly reduced FLASH/drive’s alternate fire (right-click) windup from 1 second to 0.3 seconds. “These changes should help reward those of you that put in additional effort to throw clever pop flashes,” Riot said.

With an impressive ultimate in NULL/cmd, being able to disable the lion’s share of a spike site while also gaining a downed but not out state, opinions are going to shift KAY/O’s ultimate–and for the better.

With patch 3.06 NULL/cmd will no longer stop pulsing its suppression field after KAY/O being downed. “As far as the ultimate goes, we wanted to increase the baseline value of the ultimate by ensuring a longer suppression window for those explosive site takes,” Riot explained in their notes. 


  • This is a change that you should take note of. For Counter-Strike veterans, having a flashbang that feels loosely similar to the one they’ve used for years on top of being able to disable most of a spike site — KAY/O should be on your radar for play. Remember, take this into consideration along with his kit and you’ve got an impressive and underrated agent for your end of year climb on the ladder. 

Images via Riot Games

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