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What Can We Expect From The New EG?

After shuffling their roster, Evil Geniuses has completed their team ahead of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT): Challengers 1 Open Qualifier. Longtime stand-in Jeffrey “Reformed” Lu has officially joined, however, as well, Evil Geniuses recently acquired former Luminosity Gaming ace, Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond, and T1 Academy support Alexander “jawgemo” Mor. And with their recent performance in the books, what can the North American VALORANT world expect from Evil Geniuses 2.0?

With back-to-back convincing victories over Asian Ravioli and Valkyrie, Evil Geniuses ran headlong deeper into the winners’ bracket. While their run in the upper bracket was stopped short by T1, their 1-2 loss was incredibly narrow and showcased their potential as a brand new roster. 

What stood out the most was Evil Geniuses’ new style. 

Jett star Kelden “Boostio” Pupello has continued to expand his agent pool and has maintained using Skye on select maps like Split and Bind. During their 13-11 win on Bind, Boostio led his team boasting a 262 average combat score (ACS), 166 average damage done per round (ADR) and 31% headshot rating. Across the entire series, he also scored 11 first kills which could also point towards his role increasing as both a lurker and an entry weapon, given the round and the map. 

One of the most pleasant surprises has been jawgemo who brings a similar agent pool but removes Jett for Raze. Throughout the entire series, he leads the team with 214 ACS, 141 ADR and 9 total first kills. However, jawgemo truly shined in the third and final map. After the map dove into overtime, he racked up 226 ACS and 152 ADR. With such a new talent finally getting their own time in the spotlight, jawgemo has a chance to truly make a name for themselves. 

YaBoiDre has been another incredible addition to the roster, bringing a healthy supporting role with a massive amount of firepower to the table. Taking Sage and Sova as his wheelhouse, YaBoiDre performed admirably in the team’s first outing. Landing a 194 ACS with a 127 ADR, YaBoiDre was a bulletproof anchor that looked to grow very nicely with the squad. 

And that underlines this new iteration of Evil Geniuses.

With former Counter-Strike star, Christine “potter” Chi, at the helm, Evil Geniuses has shown the aptitude for evolution while also still maintaining some consistency. While their last roster failed to truly find their sea-legs, this squad comes out of the gates challenging a team that looks incredibly promising and shows some serious stopping power within the North American circuit. And while many critiques will point to their eventual loss to Bait Academy, there is still a lot to be excited about for EG fans worldwide. 

Evil Geniuses have all the potential in the world, even more so than their previous look. One unfortunate event, especially with how fresh this roster is, can’t be the only thing we rest our hats on. EG will be playing in the coming days at Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship Last Chance Qualifiers and will likely participate in the VCT: Challengers Open Qualifiers 2. Once these events are done and dusted then we’ll have a better idea of what this team is truly capable of, until then proceed with cautious optimism. 

Images via Riot Games

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