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What Can We Learn From Evil Geniuses Top Performance?

Nerd Street Gamers (NSG) held their summer championship, courting the likes of Renegades, Cloud9 Blue, Complexity Gaming, and more to participate through their season-long circuit culminating in its aforementioned championship. It would be here that Evil Geniuses would have their best attempt at-bat. 

EG’s road to the championships were filled with consistent showcases of their potential, finishing 3-4th during NSG’s June monthly tournament, their July tournament as well as events earlier in the year. This allowed them enough circuit points to qualify for the playoffs that August. Once situated in the bracket, Evil Geniuses would not have an easy advance to the semi-finals. Eventually, they would, but their road was filled with some of the best tiers 2 teams North America has to offer. 

Their initial opponents would be Pioneers, a fairly fresh-faced esports organisation that was quickly making a name for themselves in the VALORANT space. Evil Geniuses would put on a clinical display, dispatching them and only allowing the budding team 10 total rounds across two maps. EG’s Reyna specialist Daniel “roca” Gustaferri had a massive statistical performance amassing 262 average combat score (ACS), 33 kills, 158.4 average damage done per round (ADR) and 36% headshot rating. It was that kind of form and explosive power that not only would foreshadow their eventual placing but their future potential as a team.

After advancing, Evil Geniuses’ quarter final opponents would be one of North America’s gatekeepers to the main stage, Built By Gamers. Prior to some roster changes, Built By Gamers was one of the biggest talent pipeline-esq teams within the early stage of North American VALORANT. Put more simply; many teams would scout perhaps unproven or untested talent by looking at how they did either on or against Built By Gamers. And that kind of prestige was present in this narrow win for Evil Geniuses. 

Proving to be much more of a task for EG, Built By Gamers would trade map for map leading into an overtime brawl, ending in a 17-15 win for Evil Geniuses. It would be Evil Geniuses other duelist, Kelden “Boostio” Pupello who would earn top marks this time around. The former Overwatch ace nearly mirrored roca’s showcase just one match earlier, racking up 264 ACS, 75 kills, 161.7 ADR with a staggering 32% headshot rating. 

Sauntering past the gatekeepers of North America, Evil Geniuses were walking into uncharted territory. They were in the midst of teams like NRG and their eventual opponents; Cloud9 Blue. Opening with a win on Split, Evil Geniuses put a strong, but cautious foot forward. Cloud9 would answer back with a narrow victory on Ascent, drawing Evil Geniuses into a map that would become part of their repertoire, but was still undergoing some internal overhauling in Icebox. 

Sadly, Evil Geniuses would meet their demise, losing the map in convincing fashion, 3-13. Across the board, Evil Geniuses would have a strong statistical showing, with most of their starters performing admirably, but it was Nolan “Temperature” Pepper’s performance on map 2 that would inspire some confidence in EG moving forward. While he didn’t top frag for his team, his 223 ACS and 134.7 ADR was paramount in nearly upsetting and sweeping a top five North American VALORANT team. 

This continues to be Evil Geniuses crown jewel, but past that it shows what kind of potential this roster carries under the hood. With Temperature returning from Gen.G Esports and the continued showcase of their explosive power, Evil Geniuses is not a team that North American table heads can ignore. Their duelists are mechanically skilled and their supports are as consistent as they come–and this was all apparent from a tournament finish from this past summer. Think what next Evil Geniuses can do with more time to improve? 

Images via Riot Games

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