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What Evil Geniuses’ Partnership with Healthy Gamer means for the Dota 2 team

In a blockbuster move, the mental health platform Healthy Gamer has been brought on board by the Evil Geniuses organization to assist its Dota 2 team. At the same time, Healthy Gamer’s co-founder and President, Dr. Alok Kanojia (more commonly known by fans as “Dr. K”), will join the team for The International 2021 as the team’s Mindset and Performance Coach. 

This once again shows EG’s commitment to provide the best possible conditions for their players going into the event. Healthy Gamer has been one of the most innovative organizations to appear in the gaming world in the last few years, so it’s obvious what a positive contribution it could be for EG’s Dota 2 team.

Here are the main reasons why this partnership is such a meaningful move.

Assurance for Evil Geniuses Players

It is important for teams to make sure their players have their best interest at heart. In the past when the industry was smaller, this could be things as simple as providing decent food and a warm bed. As the industry has grown, organizations try to cater to everything—and show they can do it the best. Everything from the most delicious and nutritious food, to the best social media advisors, to training facilities.

Healthy Gamer has established itself as one of, if not the most prestigious mental health organizations in esports. Dr. K is an accomplished psychiatrist with incredible experience in fields. For any sort of mindset and performance assistance—Healthy Gamer is the gold standard. It will undoubtedly be a strong reassurance to EG’s players about the organization’s commitment to the well being of the team.

History of Success

What’s interesting about the move is it is only the most recent development in what is becoming a very prosperous relationship. Healthy Gamer and EG also teamed up early this year at the Singapore Major as well as the WePlay AniMajor. 

In both of these events, the players of EG demonstrated a composed and well put together playstyle that led them on runs to the finals in both events. With such a scary track record in just two events, it’s scary to think about what’s possible as Dr. K and his organization are able to do once he has spent more time with EG’s players.

The Right Man For The Job

When it comes to anything pertaining to overcoming the mental hurdles in the game and esports industries—Dr. K is an authority figure. Time and time again he has shown himself to be one the most qualified and experienced professionals working in this space. Not only is he a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, but he’s a long-time gamer that understands his clients. He has years of experience unique to everyone else in the industry—talking and learning to know countless streamers and competitors in a productive way. And he loves Dota 2. He has one of the most unique and valuable skill sets in esports. What more could you ask for?

(ESI Illustration) Featured image credit: Heathy Gamer, Evil Geniuses

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