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What To Glean From EG’s PGL RMR Performance?

With a heavy heart, we have to admit that it is clear that Evil Geniuses are not Major ready. That said, that doesn’t mean their performances at the PGL Major Antwerp RMR were all for nothing. Once again, we see small flashes of brilliance from this storied and experienced team that gives us hope for the future. We’ve seen these players before, this core, their potential–there is magic in EG’s midsts they just have to harness it. 

Throughout the entire event, Evil Geniuses could count on one facet of their newly formed roster to consistently perform–and it’s not who you might think right off the top of your head. While the team has not lived up to expectations, Vincent ‘Brehze’ Cayonte has had quite a solid event. In their best-of-three against Party Astronauts, he dropped an impressive 71 kills, a +15 kill to death differential, 96.4 average damage done per round (ADR), 73.5% KAST (kill, assist, survive, trade) with a 1.26 HLTV.org rating. That level of consistency no matter the opponent has undoubtedly been a boon Evil Geniuses have called upon in some of these more close maps against Team Liquid and even 00NATION. 

Sticking with that match against Party Astronauts, we truly see Evil Geniuses come alive against a team. North American mainstay William ‘RUSH’ Wierzba managed his own impressive stat line. 65 kills, +11 kill to death differential, 81.4 ADR, 84.3% KAST with a 1.25 HLTV.org rating.

Timothy ‘autimatic’ Ta was in peak form as well with 64 kills, +15 kill to death differential, 81.1 ADR, 77.1%, KAST with a 1.23 HLTV.org rating. However past that he also held an astonishing 12 first kills which easily set Evil Geniuses up for success in the long run. Even in their eventual loss to Team Liquid, autimatic comes up big with a 1v2 clutch win once again for this team, echoing nearly the same sentiment from their teammates; anyone and everyone can step up given a proper roll of the dice. 

Tsvetelin ‘CeRq’ Dimitrov performed well in their three-round-bout with Party Astronauts but really stood out with 8 first kills and an impressive CT hold on Overpass. Being able to summon that kind of playmaking potential lies within every facet of this team–and that really speaks to EG’s narrative since rebuilding at the start of the year. 

Take CeRq’s proficiency with the AWP, take someone like Jake ‘Stewie2K’ Yip’s own history of daring plays throughout the years, every single member of this Evil Geniuses can muster some heroic level of performance at any point and time, the issue lies in their consistency. 

Again, all is not lost. If you’re a betting man you look at how much experience this roster houses, both from its players and coaching staff. You look statistically at how impressive these individual pieces can be. And you look at how little expectations they now have and things are only set to improve. While the PGL Major might be out of the question for now, the future looks bright for the North Americans.

Evil Geniuses might be against the ropes, but they are not out of this fight. Not by a long shot.

Images via Valve