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What’s To Glean From Evil Geniuses At BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown?

The BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown was always going to be a tough day at the office for Evil Geniuses. Pairing off against GODSENT is no small task and in the past they were situated on the same side of the single-elimination bracket as FURIA Esports. While their performance at the was less than optimal, are there details that shed some light on this star studded lineup? 

Looking statistically we see new names enter the discussion. William ‘RUSH’ Wierzba ended the series with surprising flair. 41 kills, a +9 kill to death differential, 77.1 ADR, 74.5% KAST and a 1.13 HLTV.org rating, put him top of the charts for EG. 

He stands as the de facto weapon for Evil Geniuses as the young gun, Vincent ‘Brehze’ Cayonte, dipped in performance overall. His 38 kills, straight even kill to death differential and 83.5% ADR kept him average across the series which pales in comparison to his recent performances. We don’t have to look back but a few weeks to see how impactful Brezhe was during Evil Geniuses run through the PGL Major: Regional Major Rankings against teams like Party Astronauts and even against paiN Gaming–a team who showed up in a big way at BLAST Spring. One rough match isn’t anything to worry about for fans of Brehze.

One interesting and welcome addition to Evil Geniuses’ offence has been the subtle return of Timothy ‘autimatic’ Ta. While his 28 kills and negative spread are not much to write home to mom about, what is impressive is his 7 first kills across the series as a whole. This undoubtedly opened up maps like Mirage to keep them competitive with a team like GODSENT. 

What’s more interesting is that Evil Geniuses seem to thrive on the CT side of the maps overall. If we look specifically at their CT sides for both maps, we see a wildly different picture statistically speaking. RUSH jetisones up the HLTV.org ratings with a staggering 1.41 rating and ended the series with a +13 speed. The Bulgarian AWP Ace, Tsvetelin ‘CeRq’ Dimitrov, also sees more glowing results as well, but that’s to be expected with the inherent space CT is given. This paints a more clear picture to the woes that Evil Geniuses are facing. 

Evil Geniuses have a difficult time being proactive on their T-halfs. It’s not mechanical deficiencies that hold them back, rather small mistakes throwing whole rounds into wack due to early deaths. 

While things don’t look great for Evil Geniuses, the passion is something you can never discredit. RUSH’s words in his post-game interview again hint at a possible change for the roster. Rest assured, and we’ve said this for a while now; things can only go up from here. 

Images via Valve