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Why Dota 2’s New Battle Pass is awesome


Dota 2 is an ever-changing game, and Valve as a company has taken the liberty of never straying away from trying to innovate the genre. With games like League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm to compete with, Dota 2’s developers are doing anything to find an edge. They’ve made significant strides in accomplishing this with their Dota 2 battle passes. Each one can bring new flavor and richness to the game. This time, we will be looking at the most recent one — the next part of the 2022 Summer Event: Aghanim Labyrinth’s The Continuum Conundrum.

The New Mirana

One of the biggest additions to the new update is that Anime Miran is finally here. Unlocked at Level 135, the new skin is made to replicate the same style of art that was seen in the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime. The addition of this skin shows Valve’s commitment to making the world of Dota a multimedia experience. Players of Dota 2 are now capable of forming a party made up of all the main characters featured in the animated series. 

The new move not only provides extra content for diehard fans, but will most definitely be an exciting addition for new fans of Dota coming to the game because of the show. Additionally, Valve has added a second style known as the “Dark Moon Set”, the Level 235 reward — featuring alternative clothing. 

Drow Ranger Arcana

Drow Ranger’s “Dread Retribution” Arcana is once again making a strong push to add new interesting content to the game. This isn’t a simple skin, but a complete revamping of the character: a new model, new animations, a completely new voice pack, and new hero assets. Valve’s commitment to new content shows that Dota 2 will not be going anywhere soon.

New Controller Update

The most unique (but also, the most interesting) addition to Dota 2’s newest battle pass is the addition of support for an experimental controller system. According to an FAQ listed by Valve, “This is an experimental feature that is still evolving, so we’d love to hear your feedback to help inform the changes we make. For moments where you want the familiarity of your classic ways, don’t worry — you can always swap between controller and mouse+keyboard on the fly as you play.” 

It is still in active development and the company is seeking feedback. “This feature is in active development and we’d appreciate feedback from players in real games to keep making progress on this. We don’t think controller support is ready for everyone yet, but if you’re curious and willing to offer feedback we’d love to hear what you think!” the FAQ states.

The experiment could be a game-changer for Valve, as they now make themselves more suitable for the console market. Other untraditional MOBA titles like Smite have experimented with the market, but never one as large as a game like Dota 2. Doing so could create an entirely new audience for Valve.

Images via Valve.

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