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Why mid-lane heroes are the key to winning Dota 2 matches

There are a lot of roles for heroes in Dota 2, but only a few names have proven to be effective in the middle lane, and this just shows why they still remain the ace of every team. Mid-lane heroes may be indeed the MVP for every single match, and it is a must for each member of the squad to know why they deserve so much praise.

When it comes to DOTA 2 betting, most punters tend to wager on a player who uses the middle lane to get a lot of kills or assists. Most of the time, these are the ones who make a huge impact in leading the charge every single time. That is why they are a pure rare breed in the game.

Mid-lane heroes play a huge role in any match

Most of the time, it is always mid-lane heroes who are tasked with two big jobs: To set the pace for their teams and to carry the whole squad for the rest of the game. This is why they remain important for any team structure and they greatly affect the overall outcome.

They set the tone of the game

DOTA 2 midlane heroes are tasked to set the tone for their teams at all costs, which means they have to play well and stay alive at all times to ensure that they remain consistent while the heroes on the other lanes do their own jobs. Mid-lane heroes must be smart and thus getting a lot of kills or assists in the early game can get the momentum going for any squad.

The middle lane should never be left wide open for the opposing side to take over. Staying alive is a must since a hero’s absence in the middle lane means the other team has the upper hand.

Most mid-lane heroes carry the team

Mid-lane heroes are tasked to lead the way and set up plays for the team. They are the ones who usually call the shots and command teammates to come and help or spread around the area for an ambush. This is why players have to be decisive if they are playing as the midlaners.

For starters, the middle lane is where all attention is diverted to. The other two lanes can be seen as a distraction since any lane can be used to push all the way to the enemy base. Mid-lane heroes must have good decision-making skills and should be a natural leader as well since they have to lead all attacks on that lane.

Most mid-lane heroes are called carries, and for good reason. They have to lead the way from start to finish, and this is a good chance for players to show their worth by shining on the big stage. 

What makes a good mid-lane hero

Any hero can play in the middle lane, but there are a few made to thrive in the mid, which is why they are the actual picks that should always be considered to have in that lane at all costs. The more you know which hero to pick, the easier it is to manage the whole game down that stretch.

Here are a few traits that make a good mid-lane hero:

Tempo control

Tempo controllers are the ones that scale well with levels and grow even more powerful as time goes by. These heroes put a lot of pressure on the enemies, so they have to be good at rotating to the side lanes and securing early pickoffs. 

Innate mobility and early damage output are enough to get a chance at ambushing enemies to keep them from getting enough experience. Players should pick heroes with a high skill cap and consider protecting their towers as well. 


Farming is a must for any mid-lane hero, and they have to gain early levels by farming on the creeps at a much earlier pace. This is to ensure that they can score more kills than their matchup on the middle lane and to avoid making key mistakes down the stretch. These heroes need to be good at working as secondary carries and their scaling should be faster than others.

Mid-lane heroes who farm are more inclined to level up then join the gank for a certain hero so that they can limit the XP that enemy heroes can get. However, as soon as they reach levels six and above, these heroes now have to take over the lanes and push for a strong attack with their allies.

There is no need to farm as soon as they have a clear edge over the rest of the enemies. This means they can score more kills without much hassle and thus have a better chance of killing their matchup. The higher the level they have from their farming, the more they can come up with better wins.

Cheese pick

There are a few mid-lane heroes who are seen as the ‘cheese’ picks by most players simply because they have the biggest advantage in the game. These are the ones that are built on a stronger item set and even have a chance to take over the match if left unchecked. 

These heroes are seen as the surprise x-factor for certain squads. For example, a team that has two melee heroes and two ranged heroes may have the cheese pick as a mage or a beefy tank. This means that the certain cheese pick is the one that will play a huge role in the game.

Duties of mid-lane heroes

Mid-lane heroes are usually tasked with one-on-one duels with their matchup, but now it is all about killing their lane opponent first and then helping the others. Playing the mid is now a hybrid of winning the duels and applying tower pressure to distract other lane players. Contesting creeps is also considered a task for mid-lane heroes.

Here are a few duties of mid-lane heroes:

Winning the matchup

There is never a fair matchup in the middle lane. Some heroes have worse matchups than others, but the task never changes. Harassing opponents with regular attacks or using skills is a way to score a win in the matchup. Winning here is not always about the kill, but more about keeping your enemy from getting a lot of kills and gaining experience. 

More hits on the enemy hero will pressure them to fall back and regain health or be forced to engage with you, in which case you can score a kill if you play your cards right. This is why mid-lane heroes have to be tricky to play against.

Rune control

Rune control is all about keeping enemy heroes from using powerful runes that can be found on both sides of the river close to the lane. These runes vary from one another and can surely turn the tide of the game. This is more of a guard duty than actually using the runes themselves.

These runes can be either a mirror image, speed bonus, attack bonus and so on. This is why they should always be secured for a much bigger advantage as they can be lethal when used by enemies. Rune control, therefore, is a huge duty that should not be overlooked by most players.

Power runes start spawning at the 4:00 minute mark, and they will be spawning at a consistent basis every two minutes after that. The power runes can be used to sustain heroes in a crucial situation, which means that mid-lane heroes need to keep an eye out for them.

Pushing the lane

Just like with any other lane in the game, mid-lane heroes need to ensure that they keep up the good work by pushing their lane and keeping the strong pressure against their matchup. The more they put up a strong attack on the lane, the better it is to keep the enemy hero from rotating to other lanes.

The middle lane is the most crucial part of the map, and thus breaking and destroying all towers in that lane should turn the tide of the game. A wide open middle lane means an easy way to push for the win all the way to the well.

On top of that, this will also force enemy heroes to abandon their posts on the side lanes and focus all their efforts to repel the attack on the mid-lane. This is why winning the middle lane is a huge plus that can change the outcome of the game.

Verdict on the importance of mid-lane heroes

Mid-lane heroes are the heart and soul of the squad, and the whole chance of winning the game depends on how well they play.

These heroes also need to link up well with their teammates since it is the actual difference between coming up with a win and loss. Any mid-lane hero can be good, but it takes a whole team to win the game.

Teaming up with other heroes

Mid-lane heroes need to link up with their allies all the time. While most Bitcasino esports betting punters try to bet on them to get the most kills, they should also have the most assists and help out in squishy allies to get solid and push for a strong pace in the later minutes of the game.

Overall consistency 

Perhaps the overall importance of being a mid-lane hero user is the fact that they need to be consistent at all costs. The more effort they put into grinding and staying alive, the better chances that the game will end in their favour.

No one can deny the fact that these heroes shape their squad’s overall chances of winning. This has been the trend for Dota 2 over the years as seen in Evil Geniuses’ success back then. No leader has ever led the charge from the top or bottom lane. The middle lane is the most important of them all, and the player who controls a strong hero in that place holds the key to success.

Words by: Paul Daniel Flores