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Wilson Teng – The man behind the scene


To foster an elite team, it requires meticulous care and thinking. Not only does one have to have the means to acquire talented players, but one must also have a strong enough mind for the game and its competitive scene to put something together that is cohesive and smoothly functioning. 

That’s just one piece of the puzzle.

There is another important piece that is much more unsung: the team’s support staff. When looking at the current landscape of esports, it’s difficult to find a successful organization that doesn’t possess smart and intelligent support staff. Though having a potentially good team is important, it can be the difference between winning and losing a championship if the team does not possess the proper management to make sure everything with their competitive endeavors is running as smoothly and effectively as possible. Evil Geniuses is an organization proud of it’s fantastic management. This time, we’ll take a look at Wilson Teng — an esports veteran, and the Dota 2 player manager.

Strong Experience

Something that has been said to be a strong facet of team management is of course life experience. Esports legend Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles has been noted as saying that is a huge boon to someone’s ability to manage big personalities on an esports team if they have a good amount of life experience. 

Wilson checks the boxes in this regard several times over. For one thing, he is someone that has a significant amount of life experience outside of the world of esports. He attended Simon Fraser University for a degree in Business Administration, and worked a full year as a web designer. He has helped manage Dota 2 teams for no short amount of time — doing so for at least six years, with successful results to go boast. He is a seasoned professional, with a versatile skill set and knowledge base.

Game Knowledge

Of course, one giant factor that can benefit someone working in esports management is…knowing about esports. It seems obvious, but it’s a point that many teams ignore. This is not at all a problem with Wilson. He not only has a deep history managing Dota 2 teams, but has been a strong competitor in his own right. Since early 2015, competing as “Fronz” he played with Team FDL for several years. 

While playing with the North American lineup he was able to participate at multiple large North American tournaments and qualifiers for some of the biggest events in the game. Some of these included competing in The Summit, and almost qualifying for several Valve-sponsored majors and The International.

His second most notable gig has been working as a manager for Dota 2 teams. Before working with EG, he was helping several teams competing on the Dota 2 pro circuit — noted for his automated data analysis processes for Dota hero selection drafting. Afterward he began working at EG, where he has been ever since. In that time he has managed the team through several top finishes at some of the biggest events in the world, including The International. 

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