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Xenophobia around Russian players comes to light after Outsiders win

Outsiders qualified to the Antwerp Major in the last possible slot with an insanely close win against sAw, the portuguese underdog. In a categorical David vs Goliath match, a team from a region who has never gone to a Major, who is ranked #31 in the HLTV rankings and who mostly players in what would be considered tier 2 had to face one of the CIS giants, a roster who has been the most dangerous darkhorse in CS for almost two years now, who has taken down the best teams in the entire world. 

The conclusion would’ve been different in a movie, but CS is played in the real world, and here stories don’t always have happy endings. sAw’s hope to get to Antwerp was crushed by an Outsiders line-up which just never gives up. Their ability to endure the worst situations the game can create is uncanny. Never count these guys out of a game, because they can always bounce back.

And bounce back is exactly what they did against the Portuguese team, who saw their Major Qualification slip through their fingers off of a Jame 0.01 defuse. This is what CS:GO is all about. Millimeters, miliseconds, heartbreak and joy. sAw became the fan favorite due to their David narrative, but sometimes the Goliath wins, and Outsiders proved that they have the experience and the killer instinct to close games like no other. 

What should’ve been seen as an extremely exciting series was tainted by disgruntled fans lashing out at players who had done nothing but succeed at their job. After the match concluded, the online hate against Outsiders was so widespread that we had multiple people condemning it, including sAw players themselves. 

Ropz was quick to mention it: 

Just, the MVP for the portuguese squad, expressed his view on the matter:

Given the conflict that is still ongoing between Ukraine and Russia, many expected that the negative perception of foreigners towards Russians would increase, but CSGO is one of the last communities where this should be seen. 

Counter Strike is a global game played by anyone who wants to play it. The CIS region, which includes both countries involved in the conflict, has been the best in the world for the past few years. Na’vi, Gambit (Players) and Virtus Pro (Outsiders) all have incredibly talented russian players. foRze, who has just qualified to the Major in this same RMR, have 5 russian players. 

None of these players have expressed support for what the president of their country is doing, so why are they paying a price for something they have no control over? Russian players have made the CSGO scene richer in many ways, and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come. 

Do not let a war with which they have nothing to do harm the lives of Counter Strike players, more than what it inevitably will.

Images via BLAST.